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Q.- Do you have experience making book covers ?

A.- Yes, I have more than 500 books covers already designed (for now)

Q.- What is your delivery time ?

A.-  Generally 1 day. It depends of the complexcity of the design and the amount of tweaks you need

Q.- Do you offer a different price if i have more than 1 book to design ?

A.- Yes, I can offer a different rate if you have more than 1 book (trilogy, saga, etc)

Q.- What info do you need to make a design ?

A.- Author, Title, Description of the main protagonist, short synopsis of your book, number of pages (if you have it), Tagline (optional) and style you want or examples of book covers you like.

Q.- Can i make changes after the design is done ?

A.- Yes, no matter when, you can change details like text, sizing, coloring or small adaptations

Q.- Do you use Stock Images ?

A.- I use free imagery. They won't cause you any trouble with licensing or copyrights. I also use images from Shutterstock.com, depending the case.

Q.- Do you work also adapting book text into kindle format ?

A.- No

Q.- Do you have Dropbox ?

A.- Yes

Q.- How can i pay for your work ?

A.- You can pay me via PayPal, Payoneer or International Wire Transfer (Facebank, BBVA)

Q.- Do you make Banners or Promotional Designs ?

A.- Yes, I can design promotional banners for your book (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Websites)

Q.- I have an Ebook already designed, can you transform it into a 3D mockup of it ?

A.- Yes, it would be perfect if you have the masterfile, otherwise i can handle it but it will take me more time

Q.- Which are your favorites genres for design ?

A.- Horror, Paranormal, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy, Fiction, Biographical, Crime and SciFi

Q.- Do you make Book Interiors Layouts ?

A.- No, I specialize only in Graphic Design for covers



* I have no revision limits, so I can make changes or tweaks without any problem until you like it.

* I offer sevice warranty. I can help you with the design and your process no matter when.

* All my images are free for commercial use and have no copyrights.

* I don't do illustrations or hand drawings.

* My payment method is via PayPal, Payoneer or Intl. Wire Transfer once the design is completed.


As a Marketing Professional, I understand the importance of projects and titles, so I give the option for the author of a privacy policy, avoiding showing and publishing of the project in any social network or website until the author gives permission to do so. This protects the potential secret of the project until its launch and advertisement.

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